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Storytelling fused with technology and design of ThinqMagic.

Digital Geniuses that push the bar a bit higher and believe in revolutionizing the digital existence of our clients. We believe ourselves to be a “Digital Brand Development Partner” for our clients, for we achieve what they dream of. We share your vision and create a path for your business not just to succeed but surpass whatever goals you have aimed for.

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Website Design & Development

A website should act as the centrepiece for your digital strategy. But a website alone is not enough to achieve your objectives, such as increasing valuable leads or your brand awareness.We provide scalable & robust web development services across all domains: hospitality, medical, real estate, finance, retail and many more. We specialize in designing powerful database and E-Commerce websites...

Mobile  Development

We Build Android App For Every Business Unlock the potential of your business with our Android App development services. At AKS, we develop distinctive mobile apps that ensure a smooth and user-friendly interface for the user. We Build Exceptional iOS Mobile Apps IOS app development is a lucrative method to increase your business. There is a huge market of users on the IOS platform. Businesses that extend this type of facility are bound to get higher revenues.

Digital Marketing

Gain expert insights across a wide range of online marketing channels. We develop and integrate best-of-breed applications, full-suite marketing systems, and customized features. We are famous for being the best digital marketers who knows exactly what is necessary for promoting a business. We provide a complete package for boosting your brand through SEO and social media promotion.
Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence 

We can handle most advanced problems in Data Science and Machine Intelligence. We make it easier for you to move data from insights and informed decision making. We offer flexible, scalable, state of the art Artificial Intelligence services to Industry. Today leading organizations are using Machine Learning based tools to automate decision processes, and restarting to experiment with more-advanced uses of Artificial. 

Intelligence (AI) for digital transformation.

How We Work


From the Desk of

Progress for us has never been a dream. It has always been a distant reality and once a milestone is achieved, there is always another one waiting to be crossed. It is with this belief that ThinqMagic owes its resilience to three fundamental characteristics, which are part of our DNA: Dedication & Commitment; Quality & Performance and Customer Satisfaction

We understand the fact that it is our quality; quality in our products & solutions, quality in our people and quality in our relationships that have delighted our customers. These are also the reasons why customers consider ThinqMagic as a reliable and right partner for all their IT requirements.

Our diverse talented team and their Cognitive approach is our greatest asset. We have got our own beliefs, values and codes of practice that are highly nurtured inside the company.

Leadership, Integrity, Passion, Innovation, Teamwork and Customer Success are the elements of our Business, People, and Success.

The future holds a lot of promises for us. We are proud of having earned the patronage of many reputed companies and start-ups across the globe and strive to add many more to our customer base. We pledge in Customer Satisfaction and ROI as Your Growth Defines our Performance.

The journey is never ending and with the support of Our Team and Clients, We are confident that ThinqMagic will continue to scale milestones of excellence for years to come.

Our Key Team

Client Interaction

Not all surprises are good surprises – that’s why we map out key project milestones and touch base along the way.

Strict Protocols 

Clean code is safe code. We insist that everything we make is dependable, powerful and quality-assured.

Latest Technologies 

We’re up-to-the-minute on all things tech and continually engage with the community to develop our skills and processes.

Full Stack Developer

We have a team of versatile, development maestros who can handle anything you throw at them – front, middle and back.

Customer Value

Our packages are bespoke, so costs and timelines are dependent on your goals, but we work smart as well as hard.

Creative Designers

Our designers approach every project with technical wizardry and magnificent aesthetics. Pixel perfection is the least they expect.

Our Cliental Presence
Storytelling fused with technology and design of ThinqMagic.

ThinqMagic Software LLP services are more than a company that works in a flexible and aligned environment for the Software development process, aligning as per our client’s requirement. We value customer at every single stage and we believe in customer delight and satisfaction rather than just delivery.

Attempting to provide world-class service, we always strive to provide with the quality work and consider “every effort counts". Excellent and consistent quality at low cost is what drives ThinqMagic Software LLP

This is a continuous process for us. We seek, adapt and promote new and creative Technologies Agile processes. We are a socially aware eco-system and it is our continouous endeavor to embrace environment-friendly practices. Best en. practices

we strongly believe that teamwork produce much more effective results than individual contribution. we highly value our people and their performance and ensures providing an environment to develop their skills and offer them a rewarding career.

Case Studies

About the Project  Plansportz is a mobile application which is developed for enhancing or improving the sports activity into the community where all peoples will ...
About the Project Recruit-Eaz-Recruitment Website is designed and prepared for enhancing the recruitment process in the company according to the need of the company. This ...
About The Project  Variguard This App was developed with an objective of creating a common employee database which accessible by companies operating within the security ...
About The Project  This application is developed for earning and sharing online through the app. Any user can be registered to the app after registration ...
About The Project This site seeks to establish an e-market for each of the Arab countries. Through this site, the user can access his/her country’s ...
About The Project This Website was developed & Designed to help users monitor Market ups and down in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries. This website ...
About The Project  The application provides educational videos to the users and makes learning Fun and Friendly. It includes videos for common academic subjects e.g. ...
About The Project Medico Travel is a medical tourism facilitator and it instructs healthcare for the UK. The Medico Travel is a complete “patient’s guide” ...
About The Project  This Application was developed for the client based in Singapore. This Application is a unique mix of two different kinds of applications ...
About the Project This Application was developed as a prototype for the UK based client. The prototype was to develop to envision the actual product ...

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