Today, we live in a digital world where consumers are constantly connected. The demands of your customers are higher than ever before – whether it’s searching for a local restaurant or researching which phone system to buy for the office. Your customers expect to find helpful and relevant information to help them make the right choices.A well defined digital strategy can bring a whole host of benefits to your business including:

Attracting more of your ideal and most profitable customers;
Increasing your sales and revenue;
Increasing your brand awareness and profile;
Improving your customer service by delivering an enhanced customer experience;

We believe that the work we do must have a real impact in the online world as well as in the conventional marketplace. Be it Digital Strategy and Marketing, Websites, Mobile Applications or the Internet of Things, we blend creativity and technology to provide the best possible outcomes to take your business forward.


Whilst digital marketing is often full of acronyms and jargon, we believe that the principals of a strong digital marketing strategy are simple.
Understand your ideal customer and what they’re looking for;
Provide them with the information and tools they need to make their choice – through platforms such as your website, social media and email marketing;
Develop the right marketing systems to capture data and evaluate success.
At ThinqMagic, we work in partnership with our clients to help them make the most of the digital opportunities available to them. Our digital experts will work with you to create a digital strategy with clear objectives and success criteria, then manage this activity for you on a daily, weekly and monthly basis so that you and your team can focus on running and growing your business. By blending great ideas and technology, we ensure that you have all the ingredients to make the right noises in the market. We create differentiated go-to-market processes for your organisation.