MChat Mobile Application

MChat Mobile Application

About The Project 

This Application was developed for the client based in Singapore. This Application is a unique mix of two different kinds of applications where one is used as a job search portal and other as a social chatting application, both are accessible from the same app. Designed for users who either are looking for a job or looking for the people to get their job done along with individual and group chatting.

 Work Process

The user interface was designed in a manner that any user could be a job provider or job seeker. As a recruiter user can post his job seeking for the appropriate candidate. Also, the user can add questions related to the job requirements which need to be answered by other user looking for such kind of job. As a job seeker, the user can add a profile video explaining his/her qualifications and experiences along with adding personal details, education, past experience etc. in his profile.

  • Developing the app in view that user could access his profile as a Job Seeker and Job Provider through the same login
  • The user should be able to sort the job seekers profiles as per his/her preferences based on age, language, ratings etc.
  • Real-time chatting with one none chatting and group chatting options
How ThinqMagic Helped
  • The user interface was designed and developed in such a manner that any user can switch between Job Seeker and Job Provider profiles and need not create multiple logins
  • Elastic search with various parameters for filters was developed for enhancing the user experience
  • The real-time chatting application was developed and integrated with where the user can not only chat but also share attachments and tag them for easier searches



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