Fed Up of Data Forgery!

Forgery is a white-collar crime that generally refers to the false making or material alteration of a legal instrument with the specific intent to defraud anyone (other than himself or herself). Tampering with a certain legal instrument may be forbidden by law in some jurisdictions but such an offence is not related to forgery unless the tampered legal instrument was actually used in the course of the crime to defraud another person or entity. Copies, studio replicas, and reproductions are not considered forgeries, though they may later become forgeries through knowing and willful misrepresentations.

Variguard – This App was developed with an objective of creating a common employee database which accessible by companies operating within the security guard industry. The system is driven by bio-metrics and digital signatures (by finger and not stylus). Both are mandatory in use to avoid the data forgery. The security industry, specifically the security guard service provider companies, recruit high numbers of staff to service their commercial customer base. Identity verification is a vital requirement for security companies as staff move from company to company frequently, often being dismissed by one company, for an indiscretion, only to be hired by the next company without any knowledge of record or history. Companies are challenged in identifying staff, who have been previously employed, and have re-applied for vacancies, thereafter using various aliases. This app also fulfils the requirement of the inventory management system which will record all items that are issued to staff so that losses through negligence and theft can be minimized.

 “We’re entering a new world in which data may be more important than software.”

The app was designed and developed with three-tier management for security staff details so that the human error could be minimized in case of wrong or fraudulent user trying to enter into the system. Bio-metric verification is used as the first level of security check and authentication while adding a new user as a security staff to verify as a new and also existing user. The same method of verification is used in the second level where a user is assigned some inventory related to his/her day to day services so that no other person could be able to perform any misconduct or intended fraud. Inventory Managing Staff would also be required for the bio-metric scan to keep the record of updated done by individual inventory management staff along with reducing the chances of the app being used by some unauthentic users.

ThinqMagic faced challenges like – Each company database must be part of a common database which is interrogated by each security company whenever an individual applies for a position. The application must be having Inventory Management System where all the records related to stock and items assigned to a user can be tracked. Hassle free document upload and bio-metric verification at various levels of interaction. Our team overcame with the solutions, Created Robust database designed so that the Companies subscribing to the platform will be able to view employee applicant’s profiles prior to employment. Inventory management system designed and developed which will be managed by Store staff and supervised by Company for creating inventory lists and assigning to security staff. Bio-metric verification integrated for authenticating user enrollment and verifying stock assigned to the respective user.

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