Khoob Khelo!!

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing, but it beats anything that comes in second.”

Sports, Khel, Games – Khoob Khelo! – sports is generally recognized as a system of activities which is based on physical athleticism or physical dexterity. Games are sometimes played purely for entertainment, sometimes for achievement or reward as well. They can be played alone, in teams, or online, by amateurs or by professionals.

ThinqMagic developed the best for you to search your own Co-players & Invite them, Book you Venue, Book your Event and play…!!

Plan-Sportz, A Venue & Event Booking Application that searches the co-players for you on your criteria, that shows the listing of the events that you wanna join. Eventually, you can book your own time slots for playing. It shows & searches the events & co-players on the basis of criteria that you select.

It shows the listing of the events which are gonna be happen with their respective date & location. You can book a ticket for the event also share the event info. on social platforms to invite others too. Usually finding such locations to play sports & games is not easy. Using this App you can select the venue as per our choice, you can select the available slot for the particular time, you can play with your team. Maybe the reason you wanna play any game which is a multiple players game, resolving this, you can invite other own Co-players and send them an invitation to join you for the game.

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