Plan Sportz- Khoob Khelo!

Plan Sportz- Khoob Khelo!

About the Project

 Plansportz is a mobile application which is developed for enhancing or improving the sports activity into the community where all peoples will use this application for Entertaining, preparation for the tournament, organize the tournaments and get together with friends, etc. It is a basic application for managing the sports activities. Online booked amenities, venues and Events for the personal use and also participate in the events.

Work Process:

The portal was designed in a manner so that multiple peoples could log in through the same portal and further maintain their sports activities through their user panel like creating Events, booking of venues and amenities for a particular slot of the day by paying some online fee. The user can play with their co-players who are those who have an interest in the same type of sports and user can also play with other people who have an interest in the same game and follow them. The user participates in the particular event for competing with peoples by paying online fee.



How ThinqMagic Helped

  • Booking of Amenities, Events and venue for different peoples
  • Dedicated booking forms and payment method with the robust database system so booking of a particular slot in a systematic way.
  • Finding the Amenities, Events and venues


  • Finding the places for the user by getting their location of latitude and longitude so the user can book their slot near to them.
  • Finding a co-players is a difficult task that how we find the co-players
  • We can choose co-players by different filters like add co-players by the location of the person, interest in a particular sports and Expertise level and by their grouping.

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