Recruit-Eaz – Recruitment Management System

Recruit-Eaz – Recruitment Management System

About the Project

Recruit-Eaz-Recruitment Website is designed and prepared for enhancing the recruitment process in the company according to the need of the company. This website portal helps companies to find the best employee for their company with effective and scheduled way. Many applicants send their resume to particular companies so the recruiter cannot handle in an effective way.

Work Process

This website was designed and developed to recruit the employee in the company through the tools of this website. When companies post a vacancy on different job sites then no of Applicants post their resume on the post that time it will check how many users post for the job and how many of them are eligible, etc. It will scan the total request and generate the proper document where user details will get automatically from the request. It automatically selects, reject, interview scheduled process for that particular person who is appropriate for the organization.

Challenges How ThinqMagic Helped
  • Automatically get the data from the request of the user and manages them in a Systematic way.
  • We have Scanned the particular job request and get the data in our predefined format and arrange them according to their skills, experience, etc.
  • Get the data from the different job portals and manages them in a scheduled way.
  • We scan the job request and check who send this and from which portal it generated and arrange them in a particular way.
  • Scheduled Interview, Selecting an Applicants, Rejecting an Applicants
  • Selection, Rejection and Interview scheduled is based on the skills, experience and work strength of the Applicants.



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