Tekze Mobile Application

Tekze Mobile Application

About The Project 

The application provides educational videos to the users and makes learning Fun and Friendly. It includes videos for common academic subjects e.g. English, Mathematics, Reasoning, Economics, Social Studies, and Science etc.

Work Process

The application when received was in very raw format on the way of development. Most of the functions were not working. The challenges that were being faced by the client were taken to deep revaluation and brainstorming and the final product delivered was as per the expectations and the requirements.


  • The app was not designed properly
  • User experience very poor
  • Admin was not able to upload the data
  • Ads flow was to be maintained
  • The app was also not published on Google Play store.
How Thinqmagic Helped

  • Redesigned the entire User Interface
  • User experience was Redefined
  • Multiple modules were added
  • As per the requirement ads were mediated
  • Published and Configured the App on Google Play store and AWS to improve App Performance and Scalability.

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